Talenox Leave

Talenox HR Software - Leave

A self-service leave management system for both managers and employees.

We cover Hong Kong's leave entitlements according to the Employment Ordinance.

Absence management made simpler

Feature 1 - Online team calendar

Monthly and weekly team calendars

At one glance, see who is going on holiday and when, so you can plan your resources accordingly. Your employee's absence history is also stored securely for easy reference.

Feature 2 - Fast and accessible

Fast and accessible

Got a last minute approval to make? We are 100% on the cloud, so both you and your employee can access Talenox Leave anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Feature 3 - Localised leave entitlements

Localised leave entitlements

Unfamiliar with general holidays? Or statutory holidays? Talenox takes care of it all by giving you a full overview of holidays you should be aware of.

Feature 4 - Receive notifications

Automatic notifications

Be alerted when an employee exceeds their leave days for accruals and consumptions. With automatic calculations tied to employees hire dates, you no longer need to manually keep track of leave balances.

Leave it to us

Customise leave settings

In addition to having preset Hong Kong leave entitlements, we give you the flexibility to customise your leave settings with your own leave types (company holidays, sick leave, etc), according to your company's leave policy.

Compliant with local laws - graphic
Local holidays included

Whether it's country-specific public holidays (Chung Yeung Festival, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day, Lunar New Year's Day), or worldwide ones (Labour Day, Christmas Day), we've got them in our list.

Streamlined approval processes

Need multiple leave approvers to cover for you when you're away? No problem - Talenox has a two-tier system for leave requests and approvals. In addition, assign different approvers to different employee groups.

Receive status notifications - graphic
Receive status notifications

Leave requests and confirmations should be dealt with promptly. Both leave approvers and applicants will receive email notifications immediately when leave is requested, approved, rejected, or modified.

Integrates with Payroll

Talenox understands that leave considerations such as no-pay leave, unpaid leave, off-in-lieu (time-off), and leave proration may affect your employee's compensation. Don't worry - they will be accounted for in Payroll.

Manage paid time-off balances - graphic
Detailed leave features

Got an eye for detail? Feel free to create annual leave entitlement periods, accrual entitlement (earned leave), carry-forward policies, and half-day leave applications. Create different Leave Grades so different groups of employees can be customised for.

Great businesses use Talenox

Photo ben

Talenox has been a game-changer for us managing our HR and payroll. What was once a nightmare is now a breeze and has saved us loads of time and money. Any business must be on this.

Ben LeeSarnies Cafe
Photo will

Tedious processes in a typical HRM software are simplified and made really easy for even a non-HR trained employee to manage!

WillPacamara Cafe
Photo joelin

Talenox is intuitive and easy to use, my processing of salary payments which used to take me hours can now be done in 10 minutes.Plus, Talenox is very client-oriented. I would recommend all businesses to give this a try!

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